DigiFE: The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the digital transformation

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the digital transformation of many industries. Feedback from entrepreneurs in the agrifood sector (many of whom are in isolated and rural locations) is that they felt ‘left behind’ and lacked the training and support to transition online. Our needs analysis identified that VET educators felt ill-equipped to support their agri-food entrepreneurship learners in a digital environment. The needs we plan to address as part of this project is the digital upskilling of VET educators to enable the digital transformation of VET agri-food entrepreneurship training. The overall objective of this project is to equip agri-food entrepreneurship VET educators with the know- how, confidence, skillset and essential tools and resources to digitalise and develop their teaching practice to facilitate learners in agri-food entrepreneurship VET programmes to create an online identity for their local brand and business. The project aims to review and adapt vocational education and training to meet the specific digital training needs of agrifood entrepreneurs according to the digital competence framework. This project will a) assess the digital competencies and skills of VET educators (according to the DigCompEdu framework) and provide digital skills training to support their transition online and b) equip VET educators with the necessary resources as a ‘digital skills series’ to facilitate their learners in developing their digital competence. Digital competence has been reviewed in other disciplines but has not to date been included in the curricula of VET agrifood entrepreneurship programmes. Through the proposed results, the project will introduce new innovative teaching methods and supports for VET educators to upskill them in the area of digital competence to enable them to engage the agri-food entrepreneur online.

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