YOU.STAND.OUT: In the EU, youth from rural areas experience scarcity

 of formal and informal education and training, lack of employment prospects, climate-driven pressures on land and other resources, and geographical isolation. Furthermore, rural areas are affected by a higher share of NEETs, namely young people who are not in education, employment or training, and a higher proportion of the population faces the risk of social exclusion compared to the cities. These severe issues confronting young people have led to increasing "rural flight," namely the exodus of youth from rural areas. This project aims to address the above-mentioned problems, having as a main objective the strengthening of young people’s key competences and sense of initiative, with a particular focus on those from rural areas and who are NEETs. The first specific objective is to facilitate their entry in the labour market and the creation of new figures supporting the promotion and development of rural areas; to do so the project foresees to provide them with social media marketing skills making them become the protagonists of the promotion and enhancement of local heritage, such as culture, food, artefacts, built and natural environment. Youth empowerment will positively affect local rural communities, which will benefit from the “social ripple effect”. The second specific objective is to raise awareness of NEETs issues and their potential solutions through families, local communities, organisations, public institutions and SMEs. Target: Young people (18-29 years old), especially NEETs living in rural areas, Youth workers, Local organisations particularly cultural/heritage centres and NGOs, Public authorities.

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